Our Projects

Our organisation was established to work with young people with learning difficulties in London. We support and help improve the quality of life of these families and will do this by preparing parents and carers for the challenges in caring for young people with disabilities.
We provide information about various issue ragarding learning disabilities that affect children across the UK such as:
>   Support, Advice and Information
>   Befriending & Counselling
>   Networking
>   Social Trips & Activities
>   Conferences, Training and Workshops
>   Sibling Support
>   Transition Planning
>   Support for faith groups 
>   Married/ Single parents with SNC 
>   Support for Dads
>   Respite Care
We also run a range of youth activities for both disabled and non-disabled people, including:
UK Projects


  • Sports  Activities - Including football, basketball, swimming, bowling, tennis, badminton, etc.
  • Music and Performing Arts - Including cultural dancing, theatre workshops, instrument workshops and a rhythm zone.
  • Creative Arts - Including photography, arts and crafts, and life skills.
  • Skills for work - Including volunteering, gardening, food training, buying, selling and work experience.
  • Independent Living - Including reading, writing, cookery, finance and money, speaking communication and talking to the public.



Africa Projects
  • Educational - Includes literacy development, numeracy skills, communcation and language, social development, voicational skills and perceptive skills.
  • Training/Workshop - Includes practical training from educational perspective for teachers, awareness and understanding, learning strategies. Find out more
  • Social Welfare - Regular enlightenment and interactive service on Autism and learning disabilities through various media platforms.